Hairdressing Services for Ladies 

Haircut + styling
(shampoo + hair balm)

  • 1 hair length (short) 
  • 2 and 3 hair length (to shoulders) 
  • 3 and 4 hair length (below shoulder blades) 

Haircut of increased complexity:

  • Bob for lengthening;
  • Asymmetry bob;
  • Using the blade;
  • Changing the length and shape of the hair
  • From long to short  
  • From very long to the bob or at the client’s choice 

Additional products and tools for styling after cutting, at the client’s choice:

  • flattening iron;
  • curling irons;
  • tongs
  • stylers: root products, for the volume of hair,
  • foams, hair sprays, shine mists, oil

Hair Styling

(shampoo + hair balm + any styling at one’s choice)

  • 1 length (short hair) 
  • 2 length (to shoulders) 
  • 3 length (to shoulder blades) 
  • 4 length (below shoulder blades) 
  • Hair extensions 
  • Hair mask (by hair type) 
  • Ampoule for improving hair quality and growth 

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Hair styling by steampod – a specialized steam iron (L*OREAL Know-How)

(head wash + hair balm + root volume + hair serum + fluid for improving hair growth and quality + hair spray (at the client’s choice)

  • 1 and 2 hair length (short and to shoulders) 
  • 3 and 4 hair length (below shoulders) 
  • 1 braid plaiting without head wash 
  • Evening, cocktail hairstyle (2 hair length) 
  • Evening, cocktail hairstyle (3 hair length) 

Haircuts for girls 4-6 short hair 

Haircuts for teenage girls 

Model haircuts for teenagers 

Fringe length and shape correction 

Hair lamination

Stages of the procedure:

  • lamination DIA
  • Kerastase mono dose by hair type
  • Steampod treatment


DIA lamination SPA

  • lamination DIA
  • Aura Botanica (Kerastase) treatment
  • Steampod treatment


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Hair coloring

INOA – an innovative dye developed by the L*OREAL laboratory as an exclusive revolutionary dye-care with natural oils and the absence of ammonia formulas. INOA+ INOA oxidant + INOA POST shampooing + mask care by hair type + hair setting 

MAJIREL – a dye of the “A A A” formula Absolute color – Absolute care – Absolute confidence – Per 1 g 

MAJICONTRAST (color mix tone) – Per 1 g 

(super blondes and extra dense coating of gray hair) dye + oxidant + mask care by hair type + hair setting – Per 1 g 

Matching tone coloring revolution – DIA Richesse – shine, softness, without the overgrown roots effect, accurate, predictable result, ideal for first coloring (of first gray hair) – Per 1 g 

Matching tone gel-cream with acid рН (without ammonia) – DIA LIGHT (hair strand shade without natural base lightening, after melioration, washed shade alignment, color refreshment) – Per 1 g 

Coloring revolution COLORFUL – Per 1 g 

*all hair coloring procedures are performed exclusively upon consultation with a color specialist in the salon’s laboratory and the client’s presence. The entire hair dyeing ritual takes place in front of your eyes.

Complex coloring types

Multi-techniques powder (open air techniques, balayage, shatush, Ombre) 10g 

Paste lightening 10g 

Blondies 1 dose 

Bonding service (OLAPLEX analogue)

Bonding treatment 1 length 

Bonding treatment 2 length 

Bonding treatment 3 length 


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Hairdressing Services for Gentlemen


classic, according to your exclusive presentation and description 

2 washes before and after the haircut with a special men’s shampoo + hair setting with any selected styling

Barber haircut 

Hair edging 

“Hair setting -washing with a specialized men’s shampoo, stylings at one’s choice” 

Long hair setting with special tools and stylings 

Beard cutting 

Mustache edging 

“Gray hair camouflage (innovative method of camouflage developed exclusively by L*OREAL) 

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Children’s haircuts for boys

Boys aged 5-6 children’s haircut 

Boys aged 7-11 children’s haircut 

Boys with model haircuts 

Drawing in the haircut 


Exclusive Hair Care Rituals from KERASTASE

  • Intensive Ritual
  • Shampoo-bath
  • Intensive mask for hair restoration
  • FUSIO-DOSE concentrate
  • FUSIO-DOSЕ booster

15 min



  • DENSIFIQUE shampoo-bath
  • DENSIFIQUE (FUSIO-DOSE) concentrate
  • DENSIFIQUE booster

20 min



  • Shampoo-bath
  • Concentrate
  • Booster

5 min


Fibroplastic Service (TERAPISTE)

  • Shampoo-bath
  • Mask by hair type
  • Therapiste serum

10 min


New Life for Thin Hair Service

  • Premier-treatment
  • Therapiste shampoo-bath
  • Therapiste serum

20 min


New Life for Thick Hair Service

  • Shampoo-bath
  • Therapiste mask
  • Therapiste serum

20 min


Keratermia Service

  • Therapiste Sshampoo-bath
  • Vita-Ciment, Oleo-Fusion concentrate
  • Nutrition, Shine booster
  • Therapiste mask

60 min


Color Perfection Ritual

  • Chroma Captive/Riche shampoo-bath
  • Chroma Riche mask
  • Shine booster
  • Keratine termique

15 min