Ladies nail studio

Classic manicure (40 min) 

European manicure (with cuticles pushed back) (30 min) 

Combined (machine) manicure (40 min)

Nail polish application (10 min) 

French nail polish application (20 min) 

Gel nail polish application (20 min) 

Gel French coating (30 min) 

Nail polish removal (5-7 min) 

Gel coat removal (20 min) 

Extended nails removal (30 min)

Nail modeling (10 min) 

Massage of hands (10 min) 

“Spa treatment for hands, wrists and elbows (40 min) 

Manicure — steaming of a nail plate, manicure, application of hand cream”


“Alignment of a nail plate with special gel (20 min)

Nail extension with gel” (90 min)

Gel French overlay (120 min) 

Shaping of extended nails with gel (90 min) 

“Shaping of extended nails with Gel French overlay (120 min) 


Design of one nail with Swarovski crystals (thin spread) (15 min) 

“Design of one nail with Swarovski crystals (full cover) (20 min) 

Design of one nail with sliders, Kami Fubuki, chrome finish, etc.” (5 min) 


“Combined pedicure (60 min) 

Partial pedicure (only toes)” (30 min) 

Polish application  (20 min) 

Gel polish application  (15-25 min) 

Gel French coating  (30 min) 

Spa treatment for feet  (60 min)

Foot massage  (10 min) 

Treatment of ingrown toenail  (10 min) 

“Foot scrubbing  (15 min) 

Pedicure – steaming of a toe plate, pedicure, application of foot cream

SPA treatments for hands and feet — exfoliation of the hand skin with special scrub, application of a serum or a mask with paraffin treatment, paraffin (hot or cold), massage of hands or feet, hand or foot cream.


Classic manicure (40 min)

Grinding of a nail plate (10 min) 

Hand massage (10 min) 

Combined pedicure (60-900 min) 


(up to 12 years old)

Classic manicure (15-20 min) 

Classic pedicure (20 – 60 min) 

Nail polish application (5-10 min)